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Strong Foundations For Our Youngest Children

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At the time they enter kindergarten, many young children face gaps that exist - by income, race/ethnicity, language, and culture - in child outcomes and opportunities, as well as in system capacity and response. Closing these gaps is fundamental to the success of each child and of the United States as a nation. BUILD supports state leaders through tailored technical assistance, capacity building, and peer learning opportunities to support them in doing so. These resources can help build and expand your state's focus on equity in systems.

Suspension and Expulsion

Many factors contribute to the high rate of expulsion and suspension in early learning settings and to the disproportionate representation of children of color, particularly African American boys, in the group of children who are expelled or suspended. These factors include: high teacher/child ratios, inadequate professional development related to addressing challenging behaviors, inadequate knowledge of child development about what is or is not developmentally appropriate, implicit racial biases, and the impact of stress and adverse experiences on young children. Reducing and eliminating young child expulsion and suspension from early learning settings requires multiple, coordinated approaches that address its root causes – approaches that BUILD is working with states to implement.

Early Learning

Children must reach critical health and well-being benchmarks in order to thrive, be ready for kindergarten, and read at grade level by third grade. BUILD knows that families and communities are the primary source of this foundational support for children. We help state leaders create safe, healthy, nurturing early learning experiences for all children – to better support families and communities. This “whole-systems” approach includes an emphasis on: primary and preventive health care, early intervention, and quality early care and education. That is why  BUILD Initiative assists states in focusing on standards and assessment, including kindergarten entry assessmentearly care and education, with a focus on infant/toddler and pre-K services, programs and policies; and family, friend and neighbor care

Federal Tax Plans: Implications on Children

  • National Women’s Law Center: NWLC has several fact sheets and other materials analyzing the negative consequences of the tax plans for women, children, and families:
  1. What’s In the House Tax Plan: Child Care
  2. What’s In the House Tax Plan: Education
  3. What’s In the House Tax Plan: Medical Expenses
  4. House and Senate Tax Bills Are A Bad Deal for Women
  5. The House GOP Tax Plan Is A Raw Deal for Women and Families

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