Early Childhood Systems Building - The Issues - BUILD Initiative
Strong Foundations For Our Youngest Children

Early Childhood Systems Building

Taking a systems approach, the BUILD Initiative partners with state leaders working in early learning, family support and engagement, special needs and early intervention and health, mental health and nutrition. BUILD provides guidance, leadership training and capacity building.

Specialized version of the four ovals of early childhood systems buildingBUILD’s focus is on supporting state leaders in their efforts to coordinate policies, programs and services; create infrastructure; improve integration and achieve scale in four areas: 

Our work with states places special emphasis on equity, quality and the connections between systems.

BUILD state partners are pioneers in a national movement to promote better outcomes for our country’s youngest children through a seamless, “whole systems” framework.  

We strive for comprehensive policies that:

  • Respond to the needs of families
  • Use public and private resources wisely
  • Promote racial equity
  • Prepare young children for the future
  • Incorporate what we know about brain development into best practices for care and learning