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Home-Based Child Care Webinar and Discussion Series

BUILD is hosting a webinar and discussion series entitled, Home-Based Child Care: Rising to the Challenge and the Lasting Infrastructure Needed to Support Providers. Further context for this series is the new and increased stress and regulations the child care industry is under as it faces an uncertain future, due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Home-based child care (HBCC), which has seen a decline in numbers in many states, is poised to play a pivotal role in the near future. HBCC is the answer as families seek care in a home-like setting with small group sizes, increased health and safety regulations, consistent caregiving relationships, and opportunities to support child growth and development. Many states have struggled with how best to support home-based child care under the best of circumstances, let alone during this difficult time. Supporting HBCC seems an especially timely issue as state leaders are currently establishing funding priorities within their states. 

Home-Based Child Care: Rising to the Challenge and the Lasting Infrastructure Needed to Support Providers will focus on the important role of home-based child care and the need for HBCC voice in the development of approaches to building new and lasting infrastructure. It will explore the concepts of system infrastructure for HBCC providers and include examples of work in progress in states and communities. The series is geared toward HBCC leaders, state child care administrators, and other systems leaders in licensing, quality, and family-strengthening agencies. 

Each webinar will explore core concepts in: understanding home-based child care and how it meets a critical need for families; building a lasting infrastructure through systemic supports for home-based child care; and using networks as the strategy for developing this lasting infrastructure. The work of developing this infrastructure will be explored both conceptually and through concrete state and community examples of networks that: 

  • Support access, supply, and business operations.
  • Deliver access to and coordination of comprehensive services.
  • Advance capacity and quality, with a particular focus on how networks function as part of an overall quality system. 

Sessions will explore new content and offer opportunity for robust discussion. Come prepared to share your voice, perspective, and thoughts on lasting supports for HBCC. Access webinar registration, recordings, and presentations below:

  • Using Federal Relief Funds to Support Home-Based Child Care, May 18, 2021  Recording | PPT
  • Supporting Home-Based Child Care Programs as Small Businesses, March 16, 2021 Recording | PPT
  • Shared Services Supports for Home-Based Child Care, January 19, 2021  Recording | PPT
  • Home-Based Child Care Networks: Supporting Family, Friend, and Neighbor Providers, September 15, 2020 PPT 
  • States Looking Ahead: Role of State Infrastructure for HBCC, July 7, 2020 Recording | PPT
  • Supporting HBCC Through Addressing Comprehensive Services, June 30, 2020 Recording | PPT
  • Delivering Relationship-based Supports, June 23, 2020  Recording | PPT
  • Supporting HBCC Through Systemic Infrastructure, June 16, 2020  Recording | PPT
  • Understanding HBCC/FCC, June 9, 2020  Recording | PPT