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Strong Foundations For Our Youngest Children

Early Care and Education

While states and local communities intensify their focus on kindergarten to grade 12 education, they too often underestimate the vital role of early childhood care and education. 

Early care and education is vital to kids lifelong learning and development.The quality of early care experiences is increasingly important today, as more than 60% of all children from birth to age five spend time in the care of someone other than their parents. These arrangements can vary dramatically from care by relatives to center-based care – with many permutations in between. 

Every environment provides learning opportunities for young children, whether at home, in neighborhood or family child care, at Head Start, or other pre-kindergarten settings. The BUILD Initiative helps states lay the foundation for lifelong development and learning for our youngest children.

Creating a Seamless System of Care

The BUILD Initiative helps states weave often disparate early care and education (ECE) policies and services together to ensure that young children are being prepared for a successful future. We provide information and lessons learned for improving the core system of ECE programs. In addition, we help states build an effective and seamless set of referrals and follow-ups across many fields.