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Strong Foundations For Our Youngest Children

Pre-K to Grade Three (Pre-K-3)

The transition from home or an early care setting to kindergarten is an opportunity to create continuity in a child’s educational environment while reaching out to involve parents. 

The BUILD Initiative works with state leaders to help families, early care providers and teachers prepare children for a positive transition to kindergarten, and continued progress in their formative educational years through grade three.

Supporting Successful Transitions

A positive transition to kindergarten lays the groundwork for literacy, math and other skills.While helping all children successfully transition to K-3, BUILD Initiative states focus intensively on supporting at-risk families, especially teen parents, single parents, and those living in poverty. Through its Early Childhood Family Education program, the BUILD state of Minnesota is working with low-income mothers, incarcerated parents, and others to provide healthy, stimulating environments and experiences for their children. 

BUILD Initiative state leaders also advocate for lower pupil-teacher ratios in the early grades – associated with higher achievement levels for at-risk children. They develop programs to attract and maintain a diverse, well-trained workforce. And BUILD state leaders emphasize the importance of professional development opportunities that align early care, pre-k and K-3 learning goals.

For example, Arizona’s new CREATE program is supporting a new curriculum for college students who want to specialize in preschool or K-3 education, and workshops to help current teachers get new ideas for better engaging young children and their families.

Intervention for Children with Special Needs

Children with special physical, emotional, developmental and educational needs are at higher risk for poor K-3 performance. They need services that respond to their individualized needs and challenges before they enter school and in the early school years. BUILD Initiative states work to expand and create linkages among early intervention services, preschool special education, child development services and family support programs.