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Sharing Resources to Address Diversity

Kids with books.The BUILD Diversity Toolkit is the place to find the resources that individuals, programs, states and systems need to address diversity in meaningful ways. The toolkit provides stakeholders with evidence, examples and supports related to addressing issues of culture, language, equity and diversity.

The BUILD Diversity Toolkit is a repository of resources, all of which are accessible electronically at no cost. It includes research studies, articles, reports, checklists, planning guides, websites and other information related to integrating efforts to support both quality and diversity. Early childhood leaders policymakers, advocates, professional development providers, researchers and evaluators) should find the toolkit an indispensable resource and support to their work.

Using the Toolkit

The design of the toolkit allows users to search for resources in a variety of ways. The toolkit may be searched by specific aspects of diversity to discover resources related to race, ethnicity, language or equity. The toolkit may also be searched by content area (e.g., family support and engagement, finance, planning, policies, standards) or setting (e.g., child care, Head Start, pre-K). It can also be searched by age group (e.g., infant/toddler, pre-K) or geographic context (e.g., national, state-specific). In addition, the toolkit may be searched by title, author, language or type of resource. Each toolkit entry includes a brief summary of the resource.

Resources will be added to the Toolkit on an ongoing basis to make sure it stays current and relevant.

Find resources that can help you to incorporate an intentional emphasis on diversity into your early childhood efforts.