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Strong Foundations For Our Youngest Children

Inclusiveness in Planning, Governance and Workforce Participation

Young children in America are very diverse. At the same time, the workforce teaching young children is much less diverse. 

Many states are paying specific attention to developing a skilled, diverse early childhood workforce. A system must be developed that creates pathways to ensure that persons of color with language backgrounds of the young child population can fill these teaching roles. Done well, the development of the next generation of early childhood educators can:

  • Offer employment and career development opportunities that help ensure the needed diversity within early childhood.
  • Provide family sustaining compensation within that workforce.
  • Offer all children role models and adult teachers from diverse backgrounds.

It is also critical to construct planning and decision-making tables that include individuals who have difference cultural, language, and ethnic backgrounds to contribute their expertise to this learning. Both process and product are important in developing early childhood systems that respond to the diversity of the young child population. Intentionality in planning and decision-making will offer opportunities for shared growth and learning and for an enriched overall early childhood system.