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Strong Foundations For Our Youngest Children

Building Cultural and Linguistic Competence and Responsiveness

Children grow, learn and develop in the context of their family, language and culture. This begins in the earliest years and forms the scaffolding for future growth. 

Group of kids.
Kids with books.

As we develop programs and establish expectations for young children, it is important to be explicit in recognizing and responding to differences across cultures. BUILD works with states to help them develop early childhood programs and serves that have a multi-cultural approach. Characteristics of such an approach include:

  • Rich language and literacy environment supporting dual-multiple language learning
  • Age-appropriate race, language and culture identify development that values child’s culture and models respect for other cultures
  • Intentional learning environment in context and building on cultural backgrounds
  • Family/village involvement
  • Teachers skilled in and reflecting the race, language and cultural backgrounds of children