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Funding our Future: Generating State and Local Tax Revenue for Quality Early Care and Education

Funding our Future: At a GlanceThe political and policy relevance of early care and education—and support for its expanded funding—is on the rise. Now is a great time for early childhood leaders to consider a previously overlooked approach to raising funds: dedicated state and local tax revenue for early care and education. Noteworthy work has already been done, both at the state and local levels, to support quality early care and education through dedicated taxes. These revenues are having a significant impact on long-term goals, as seen in the local children’s taxing districts in Florida or the new approach to corporate and business taxation in Oregon. The pioneers who started this work in states and localities around the country demonstrate early successes in helping to close the extreme funding gap in early care and education. Funding Our Future: Generating State and Local Tax Revenue for Quality Early Care and Education catalogues the “what” of some of these foundational efforts and introduces potential “next generation” tax policy ideas for consideration, and is based on the work of the Child Care Revenue Work Group.

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