Developing and Supporting Financing and Sustainability Structures
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Developing and Supporting Financing and Sustainability Structures

The resources and tools in this section support developing a plan to sustain collaboration and collaboration priorities and resources to support building a sustainability plan (including using results and evaluation to inform areas to sustain and assessing the most effective collaborative strategies to advance the work). Additional tools support developing a collaboration financing strategy that involves financing the structure and activities that align with the goals of the collaboration.


  1. Community School Partnerships Sustainability and Marketing Toolkit – This toolkit focus on increasing collaborative commitment, methods to increase strategic funding and how to market the success of the collaboration.
  2. Blending and Braiding Early Childhood Funding Streams Toolkit – This toolkit provides leaders, state advocates and policymakers with education, strategies, resources and options to make policy choices that facilitate the blending and braiding of funding streams to improve access to and length of children’s participation in full-workday, full-year, high-quality early learning programs that benefit vulnerable young children and working families.
  3. The Road to Sustainability – Designed for afterschool programming, this toolkit introduces the multilayered nature of sustainability, from being clear on messaging, using advocacy, working collaboratively, to samples of sustainability plans (pg 30).
  4. What Donors Want From You – This resource is a list of desires that are typical of many groups of donors, such as government agencies, foundations, and individual donors.
  5. Developing a Committee to Help with Financial Sustainability – This resource offers guidance on the benefits of a financial sustainability committee, including strategies for how and when to populate this committee and guidance for their work.
  6. Sustaining Impact - This tool guides a facilitated discussion on sustainability and an examination of whether the strategies in the strategic plan are ultimately sustainable.
  7. Tracking and Planning for Opportunities - This tool contains two parts. One is a tracking form to document funding opportunities or in-kind support that has been identified. The second part is a list of narrative questions to process the sustainability efforts and assess the collaboration’s success.
  8. A Collaborative Budget – This worksheet supports tracking of all member contributions, including monetary, hours donated, expertise, in-kind, etc.
  9. Budget Template – This template is an Excel workbook with separate tabs for inputting revenue, expenses and personnel costs, broken down by outcomes related to the expenses.
  10. Internal Audit Sheet – This worksheet can be used to calculate amount of funding against amount of expenses.
  11. Initiative Resource Planning Template – This template supports collaborations to estimate the true cost of each initiative through listing the related capital expenditures, startup/ ongoing costs, and potential savings.
  12. Joint Funding Agreement – This tool is an example of how a collaboration can build joint funding agreements with partner organizations.