Developing and Using a Strategic Plan
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Developing and Using a Strategic Plan

These resources and tools support collaborations to develop a comprehensive strategic plan that includes policies, programs, and practices for creating a logical, data-driven plan to address identified problems.


  1. Components of a Strategic Planning Process – From vision and mission to objectives, strategies and action plans, this tool offers a blueprint for moving from dreams to actions to positive outcomes.
  2. The Strategic Planning Process – This resource provides a detailed overview of the strategic planning process, including agenda items, from Virginia Smart Beginnings (p 6-13).
  3. Strategic Planning Checklist – This checklist is a guide to support the implementation of the strategic plan.
  4. Strategic Plan Template – This sample framework lays out the results of the strategic planning process in a narrative form and is suitable for ongoing communication about the work.
  5. Performing a SWOT Analysis – A tool for reviewing an organization’s Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities and Threats.
  6. Planning and Reporting – This sample reporting tool, with definitions of each variable, can support benchmarking against the strategic plan outcomes and activities.
  7. Sample strategic plans
    1. Strategic Plan – This example is one goal of a full plan for a Cradle to Career Coalition.
    2. Ionia County Strategic Plan – This example is a strategic plan for a Michigan Great Start Collaborative.