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Strong Foundations For Our Youngest Children


Building Goals and Objectives and Tracking Systems against the Collaborative Strategies

These resources, tools and examples support defining and tracking collaboration progress against goals and objectives of the work, and ensuring these are measurable and reflect the collaborative strategies used to carry out the work.


  1. Tips for Action Planning – This tool provides an overview of how to create an action plan and guidelines for strategies to ensure a successful action planning process.
  2. Identifying Root Causes – This tool contains an exercise designed to help practice identifying underlying factors that are behind a community problem and to support discussion on the responses.
  3. Writing Outcome Objectives – This resource defines and provides an example of an early childhood outcome measure.
  4. Action Plan Worksheet – This example supports development of an action plan based on the desired measurable outcome.
  5. Action Plan Form – This action plan sample includes both resource assessment and barrier identification.
  6. Systems Collaboration Goals and Objectives – This plan sample form provides an example of goals and objectives as part of a collaboration logic model, and includes space for vision, goals, objectives and measurement.
  7. Action Plans – These samples are completed action plans from other local collaboratives.
    1. Planning Worksheet – This example includes strategies and outcomes, timeline and responsibility but no data or completion tracking fields.
    2. Outcome Measurement Chart – This example includes objectives, outputs and outcomes with data source and measurement approach.