Creating and Sustaining a Shared Vision
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Creating and Sustaining a Shared Vision

These resources will support creation and reassessment of a shared vision across community stakeholders.


  1. Building Vision and Mission Statements – This resource offers a close review of what these statements are, why they are important, and how an organization can develop them.
  2. Developing Mission and Vision Statements – This tool supports the collaborative group in defining their agreed upon goals (i.e., answering the question “What is/are our purpose(s)?)
  3. Vision Statement Development Worksheet – This worksheet guides thinking about what it is the initiative really seeking to achieve, and how the coalition will work towards accomplishing those goals and crafting a vision statement.
  4. Visioning Tool - A guided graphic tool to help groups develop a shared vision.
  5. The Eight Word Mission Statement - An article on how best to develop a mission statement that is clear, concise and understandable to members outside of the collaboration.
  6. Mission Statement Development Worksheet – This worksheet supports thinking about what drives the initiative and what the coalition needs to accomplish to fulfill the mission, and how to craft a mission statement.
  7. Information to be Shared by All Collaborative Members: Organizations – Through this tool each participant shares information on their organization (mission, programs/services, supporters, decision making body etc.) and also what they hope to gain from the collaborative.
  8. Information to be Shared by All Collaborative Members: Individuals – Through this tool each individual shares information on herself/himself and also what she/he hopes to gain from the collaborative.
  9. Self-Assessment/Self-Identification Tool: Pre-Partnership Organizational Assessment – This assessment tool is an opportunity to self-reflect, to encourage discussion, and to brainstorm ideas on how to further cultivate an organizational culture amenable to partnership.
  10. Community Description Worksheet – This tool lists questions/criteria to include in providing an overview of the community.
  11. Community Description Worksheet, Multi-input – This resource includes basic community information for a description, information to have on hand during the visioning process, and guidance for conducting community outreach to gather community information.