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Technical Assistance

Focused, targeted technical assistance is a hallmark of the BUILD Initiative’s services to state systems builders. 

BUILD offers technical assistance to help state leaders build effecitve early childhood systems.We facilitate a wide variety of learning community activities that offer participants the opportunity to learn from peers and experts. BUILD Initiative states have technical assistance liaisons who work to keep track of a state's needs for information and find and provide relevant resources.

These technical assistance liaisons also facilitate linkages with peers in other states who are facing similar challenges. Additionally, they broker connections with experts who can help.

Features of BUILD’s Technical Assistance

The BUILD Initiative seeks to provide technical assistance that is:

  • Clearly targeted – We help to clarify a state’s needs and match resources to those needs.
  • Responsive – We tailor technical assistance to meet the unique needs of each state.
  • Timely – We meet states’ needs as they occur.
  • Objective – We offer a broader outside perspective.
  • Holistic – We facilitate connections between and within states.
  • Non-prescriptive – We share best practices without imposing particular mechanisms for accomplishing goals.
  • Non-partisan – We offer assistance without regard to political or other affiliations.
  • High level – We enlist individuals with recognized subject expertise who also have well developed diagnostic, facilitation and problem solving skills.
  • Dynamic – We adapt to changes and developments within states, as we help early childhood leaders remain focused on successful outcomes
  • Enriching – We offer both technical recipients and providers opportunities to enhance their learning and development.