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Strong Foundations For Our Youngest Children

Project HOPE Consortium

The Project HOPE Consortium is one of Robert Wood Johnson Foundation’s (RWJF) strategies to advance health equity and child wellbeing; by leveraging the knowledge, tools, and resources of the BUILD Initiative, Nemours, and Boston Medical Center (BMC) Vital Village NOW.

The Project HOPE Consortium supports leaders and teams to promote optimal health and wellbeing for children from the prenatal period to age five; shift or realign systems to increase access to opportunities for young children and families; and engage community members with lived experience in the definition, design and development of solutions.

The HOPE Consortium is committed to a process that facilitates:

  • Cross sector/system efforts that are community driven.
  • Continuous feedback loops between community and state.
  • Processes between states and communities that help identify priorities and redistribute resources to reduce inequities.
  • Leveraging state resources and policies to increase opportunity.
  • Use of quantitative and qualitative data to drive decision-making; for surveillance; and continuous improvement.

Together each partner works with leaders at the state- and community-levels, to create new, or enhance existing, opportunities and for the leaders to learn from one another to align and leverage resources to improve equity for children and families. States are using information from the partnership to provide supports and resources to communities with low opportunity or inequities in order to reposition resources and/or shift policy to increase access to state and local services in communities that are designed to benefit children and their families. Community coalitions have identified concerns affecting their region and are leveraging multiple resources to build capacity and address local challenges, such as integrating equity practices, data tools, and authentic resident engagement. Communities and states are gaining an increased understanding of state programs and policies, as well as community-driven collective actions, that can contribute to increase access to opportunities and resources, and drive strong outcomes for young children, their families and communities, especially those who have experienced historical or current inequities. 

RWJF funds a Consortium of three grantees to implement Project HOPE (Harnessing Opportunity for Positive Equitable Early Childhood Development) in New Jersey: Nemours Children's Health System, the BUILD Initiative, and BMC Vital Village NOW. The Consortium supports and provides technical assistance to both a state team and community leaders to develop plans to address inequities impacting young children and families through cross-sector work. Read more.