Child Care Revenue Work Group
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Child Care Revenue Work Group Overview and Solicitation of Interest

January 2019


Improving the supply of quality early care and education (ECE) programs, particularly infant and toddler child care, is a key goal of many advocates and funders.  The lack of sustainable, sufficient funding is a significant challenge to realizing this goal. While policy, political, and communications challenges are also meaningful, revenue generation stands in the way of a vision of universal high-quality child care.  With the publication of the new report from the National Academies of Sciences, Engineering, and Medicine, Transforming the Financing of Early Care and Education, ambitious new revenue target for the nation is identified to support a quality ECE system and services.

However, revenue generation at the state and local level requires additional focused development. 

The Child Care Revenue Work Group (Revenue Work Group), supported by the Pritzker Children’s Initiative and the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation, will serve as a meeting ground to stimulate thinking and action for states and localities that are building their commitment to quality child care in general and to infant and toddler child care in particular.  This is a moment in time to re-think revenue generation by learning from successful efforts within and outside the early care and education field. For example, advocates have been successful in increasing state-based allocations to support pre-k programs.  Most states have also stepped up to meet the required match for the federal Child Care and Development Fund. Local levies and ballot initiatives have raised funding for children and early learning.  Occasional tax credits have been important as well.   

Work Group Goals, Schedule and Opportunity to Participate.

The Revenue Work Group will bring together people from the early childhood community as well as other fields to learn, think and analyze together.  In 2019, the goal is to identify up to five revenue generation strategies to disseminate broadly. Revenue Work Group members will participate in two in-person meetings in 2019, which we expect to hold in February and May 2019 (specific dates to be determined). At these meetings, Work Group members will help identify and review revenue generation strategies that could be used for infant and toddler child care at the state and/or local level.  Work Group members will review and discuss salient factors to consider in providing a useful level of detailed information about selected revenue generation approaches, such as the amount that can be generated, sustainability and the political challenges involved, and will also weigh in on the type of information to produce as well as audience targets beyond advocates and decisionmakers. Prior to the end of 2019, we anticipate release of a paper as well as a PowerPoint reflecting the work of the Revenue Work Group. For Revenue Work Group participants, all travel expenses will be paid, and funds are also available to defray the time that participation will take. The Work Group will be staffed and managed by the BUILD Initiative. Financing experts—such as those from the Center for American Progress and the Children’s Funding Project—will also be contributors to the effort. [1]

We seek 14 and 18 people to be Work Group members, who can bring their expertise and experience to the table. We are interested in people with ties to the following:

  • Local Advocacy 
  • State Advocacy
  • State Government (executive branch)   
  • State Government (legislative branch)
  • State and Local Public Finance Expertise
  • Service Delivery Expertise (state and local organizations using public funding streams for quality child care)
  • Policy and Communications Strategy Expertise
  • State and Local Revenue Generation Expertise (housing, higher education, etc.)  

Are You Interested? Let Us Know!

If you are interested in participating, or if you have others you would like to recommend, please let us know (and tell us why!) by contacting Harriet Dichter, [email protected], 484-904-3599. (We cannot guarantee that we’ll have space for everyone who wants to be part of this part of the work but we will do our best!)   Please try to respond by Monday, January 14.  Questions also welcome!  We look forward to hearing from you!


[1] Additionally, once the materials are prepared, BUILD will host an in-person meeting for state and local leaders who want to learn more to determine whether these revenue generation strategies might be pursued in their communities and/or states and have authority and/or influence in a locality or state in terms of how it seeks and provides revenue for child care services.   The in-person meeting will be open to anyone, whether these individuals and organizations participated in the Revenue Work Group.