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Strong Foundations For Our Youngest Children

BUILD State Partners

The BUILD Initiative offers support to all states in their efforts to prepare our youngest children for a successful future. And we work intensively with 8 state partners and the District of Columbia – Illinois, Michigan, Minnesota, Ohio, Oregon, South Carolina, Texas  and Washington – to plan and implement a comprehensive and equitable early childhood system.

With funding, ongoing technical assistance and evaluation, research, effective practice and peer learning, we help BUILD states create effective learning systems by:

  • Reforming existing state systems
  • Testing new models
  • Connecting and coordinating programs and services
  • Providing all young children with access to early learning systems that result in school readiness

BUILD states identify and achieve measurable outcomes in areas, such as:

  • Infrastructure development
  • Quality improvement
  • Evaluation
  • Financing
  • Public engagement

In each BUILD state, one or more lead organizations brings a diverse team of stakeholders together to plan and implement an early learning system tailored to needs of that state's young children and their families. Leaders are from the public sector and the private advocacy and foundation community, reflecting the collaborative nature of this work.