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Strong Foundations For Our Youngest Children

Session 4: Instructional Tools Cohort

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Assessments of Practices Early Elementary Classrooms (APEEC; Maxwell, McWillian, Hemmeter, Ault & Schuster, 2001) used to examine the quality in the elementary environment focusing on developmentally appropriate practices. The APEEC uses observation as a primary source of data collection and contains items on the subscales of physical environment, instructional context and social context.

Figure Demonstrating the Cycle of Continuous Quality Improvement used in New Jersey's P-3 Professional LEarning Communities

Illinois' Awards of Excellence
Illinois' QRIS ExceleRate, emphasizes instructional tools and professional learning within programs through its Awards of Excellence for Preschool Teaching and Learning. Programs receive a special designation when they demonstrate that: "Professional development is designed to support teachers' continuous learning, effective implementation, and improvement of practice. Teachers engage in weekly/monthly sessions of peer-to-peer technical assistance involving discussion of child and teaching data, observing and examination of practice, and planning improvements to teaching and learning opportunities."

Professional Learning Academy: Supporting District Implementation of Early Childhood Policy (2014) by Shannon Riley-Ayers and Vincent J. Costanza.
This CEELO Fast Fact provides information about New Jersey's approach to build capacity of local education agencies (LEAs) to implement P-3 reforms. The strategy, a cross sector early childhood community of practice, is described in detail along and lessons learned are discussed. 

QRIS and Coaching: Child Trend's Report
Coaching in Early Care and Education Programs and Quality Rating and Improvement Systems (QRIS): Identifying Promising Features