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Strong Foundations For Our Youngest Children

Session 5: Credentialing Cohort

Webinar Information:

Recommended Readings & Resources:

State Strategic Financing Discussion Guide: We ask your team to think through and share your ideas about resources you will need for your work, potential funding sources, and questions you have for one another about funding. To get you thinking along these lines, we encourage you to review this resource.

Elliot's Regenstein's PowerPoint Presentation from our face-to-face meeting (slides 48-51). Be prepared to share your strategy for stakeholder engagement.

Presenter Biographies:

Lauren Hogan is the Senior Director of Public Policy and Advocacy at the National Association for the Education of Young Children (NAEYC). In this role, she is focused on strengthening the connections between research, policy and practice, while developing and leading NAEYC’s bi-partisan early childhood policy agenda with a keen focus on shared leadership, innovation, diversity and equity. Lauren previously served as Vice President of Program and Policy at the National Black Child Development Institute (NBCDI) in Washington, DC, providing leadership for the organization’s initiatives regarding early childhood education, family engagement and literacy, while working with members and Affiliates to increase their voice and capacity around a robust local, state, national and federal policy agenda.  Lauren began her career working with an after-school program in Louisville, Kentucky and later served as the director of an early literacy and family support program in Cambridge, Massachusetts. She also served as a Rappaport Public Policy Fellow in the Department of Social Services in Boston, MA.  Lauren earned a bachelor’s degree from Yale University and a Master’s degree in public policy from the Harvard Kennedy School. 

Alison Lutton is a national consultant in early childhood professional development with expertise in integration and alignment of birth-through-8 PD systems and career pathways, higher education quality and articulation, and workforce initiatives. 2015-2016 clients include the Virginia Early Childhood Fund, Zero To Three, the Erikson Institute Herr Research Center for Children and Social Policy, the Connecticut Office for Early Childhood/Division of Early Care and Education, and the Delaware Valley Association for the Education of Young Children. 
Alison has thirty years of experience in early childhood education, twenty of those in professional development systems work. From 1994-2005 she held faculty positions at Northampton Community College and Community College of Philadelphia and provided consultation on the first Pennsylvania Core Body of Knowledge and Professional Development Record. From 2006 to 2016 she worked at NAEYC. There she led the first five years of the NAEYC Commission on Early Childhood Associate Degree Accreditation and the 2009-2010 update to the NAEYC Standards for Professional Preparation. She edited the 2012 NAEYC publication Advancing the Early Childhood Profession: NAEYC Standards and Guidelines for Professional Development and led the 2015 development of NAEYC’s Build It Better: Indicators of Progress assessment tool for state PD systems. She served in various positions at NAEYC including Senior Advisor for NAEYC’s Early Childhood Workforce Systems Initiative; Senior Higher Education Specialist for NAEYC; and the Senior Higher Education Specialist and TA Liaison for the Center for Professional Development and Workforce Initiatives, jointly funded by the federal Office of Child Care and Office of Head Start. 
Alison began her career in early childhood education in the 1980s as a family childcare provider in Philadelphia, PA. She holds a Master's degree in Early Childhood Education, is a past President of ACCESS (the national association of early childhood faculty in associate degree granting institutions), a frequent presenter at national early childhood meetings, and has published numerous articles and book chapters on early childhood education and professional development.  Alison’s current work is focused on cross-sector integration, quality assurance, workforce diversity, and compensation parity in professional development systems. She lives in Philadelphia, PA.