Community Systems Development Toolkit
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Community Systems Development Toolkit

The Community Systems Development Toolkit supports the hands-on implementation of collaborative systems work at the local level, providing resource tools that cover the full spectrum of community systems and coordination work.

Tailored to the needs of community-based collaboration and organized in systems change theory, the toolkit is designed to provide accessible, comprehensive resources supporting the changing stages and needs of communities engaged in collaborative work. Tools include forms, examples of community level strategies, questions, guidance, samples, processes and articles.

Section 1: Setting and Resetting the Stage

  • 1A.  Developing and Maintaining Participation, Roles and Responsibilities
  • 1B.  Building and Supporting an Inclusive Collaboration Structure and Decision Making/Governance Structure
  • 1C.  Creating and Sustaining a Shared Vision

Section 2:  Assessment and Planning

  • 2A.  Assessing Community Need and Capacity
  • 2B.  Building Goals and Objectives and Tracking Systems against the Collaborative Strategies
  • 2C.  Developing and Using a Strategic Plan
  • 2D. Defining and Building Collaborative Leadership

Section 3: Working Together/Taking Action

  • 3A. Communicating Across Collaboration
  • 3B. Planning for and Implementing Shared Activities
  • 3C. Public Education and Advocacy
  • 3D. Engaging in Program Development
  • 3E. Developing and Supporting Financing and Sustainability Structures
  • 4A. Implementing Outcomes and Evaluation Strategies to Inform Collaborative Work
  • 4B. Assessing Collaboration Functioning
  • 4C. Understanding Systems Development and the Impact of Systems Change