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Strong Foundations For Our Youngest Children

BUILD State Partners

The BUILD Initiative currently works intensively to support the early childhood systems building efforts of the District of Columbia and 8 state partners:  Illinois, Michigan, Minnesota, Ohio, Oregon, South Carolina, Texas and Washington.

BUILD Initiative works with all states and intensively with 10. Our BUILD Learning Community also brings these and other states together to create and share best practices that improve the lives of our youngest, and often most vulnerable, children and families.

The BUILD Initiative provides funding and ongoing technical assistance to support states' efforts to:

  • Reform existing state systems
  • Test new models
  • Connect and coordinate programs and services
  • Help to ensure that all young children have access to early learning systems that result in school readiness

BUILD states identify and achieve measurable outcomes in areas, such as:

  •  Infrastructure development
  • Quality improvement
  • Evaluation
  • Financing
  • Public engagement

A lead organization in each state engages a diverse team of stakeholders in planning and implementing strategies to create statewide early learning systems. Drawn from the public and private sectors, the stakeholder teams are comprised of state agency officials, service providers, business and community leaders, parents, advocates and others who work with children.