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Strong Foundations For Our Youngest Children


Watch our video that explains our work and why taking a systems building approach is key to helping young children thrive!



Early Childhood Systems Building

Helping States Help Children Thrive

The BUILD Initiative works with early childhood leaders within states and nationally to better prepare young children to thrive and succeed. We support state leaders from both the private and public sectors as they work to set policy, offer services and advocate for children from birth to age five.

Specifically, the BUILD Initiative helps state leaders develop an early childhood system – programs, services and policies tailored to the needs of the state’s unique young child population. This work focuses on connecting programs and services that may have functioned in isolation, been redundant, lacked resources to meet critical needs and/or operated at cross-purposes.

With BUILD support, states also:

  • Reform existing statewide systems
  • Strengthen local programs
  • Test new models
  • Pilot national projects
  • Strengthen their commitment to diversity, equity, and cultural and linguistic inclusion

Using this systems approach, states can more effectively prepare young children to succeed by helping their families access:

  • High quality early learning
  • Family and parenting support
  • Early intervention for children with special needs and
  • Comprehensive health, mental health and nutritional services

Building a Movement

Currently, we work intensively with the District of Columbia and 8 states  – Illinois, MichiganMinnesota, Ohio, Oregon, South Carolina, Texas and Washington. We offer a combination of services including, strategic program ideas, technical assistance, evaluation, and professional development opportunities. Our national learning community serves all 50 states and national colleagues.

The Early Childhood Funders Collaborative created the BUILD Initiative over a decade ago as a catalyst for change and a national resource on early childhood development and policy. Today, BUILD Initiative states are leaders in a vibrant national movement to create state-based comprehensive systems, which provide all young children with access to early learning that results in school readiness.