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Strong Foundations For Our Youngest Children

Funding Partners

Informed, engaged funders support BUILD.

Early Childhood Funders' Collaborative is helping BUILD staff and states create effective systems of programs, policies and services for young children.The Early Childhood Funders’ Collaborative (ECFC) created the BUILD Initiative in 2002. A consortium of private foundations, ECFC provides networking, information sharing, and strategic grantmaking opportunities to its members.

Through its work, the ECFC recognized that programs, policies, and services being administered for young children and their families during the early 2000s often operated in isolation, at cross purposes, or without enough resources to meet critical needs. In response, the ECFC designed the BUILD Initiative to invest private funds to stimulate public investments in early learning. This continues to foster greater coordination of comprehensive programs, services, and policies for young children.

Providing Strategic Oversight

A number of Early Childhood Funders’ Collaborative members have continued to provide substantial support to the BUILD Initiative – and have been joined by other state and regional funders. Those contributing $50,000 or more make up the Funders’ Advisory Council, which works closely with BUILD staff and provides broad strategic oversight to the initiative.

BUILD’s current funding partners include: