BUILD Arizona

The BUILD Arizona Steering Committee leads the BUILD Initiative efforts in the state. The state lead is:

  • Karen Ortiz, Helios Foundation
Cory Underhill, BUILD state coordinator for Ariz.

Working Across Sectors

The BUILD Arizona Steering Committee is comprised of both public and private sector early childhood leaders. Representatives are from government agencies, business, the child care community and higher education.The steering committee also includes five workgroups:

  • Communications
  • Early Learning
  • Professional Development
  • Health
  • Early Grade Success

These workgroups include an even broader range of state, community and early childhood leaders within Arizona.

Current BUILD State Priorities

Arizona is one of the newest BUILD Initiative partner states. The BUILD Arizona Steering Committee and workgroups are creating workplans focused on supporting early grade success. Their overall goal is to reframe early care and education from birth to age eight (0-8) as a critical component of the overall education system and policy framework. Following are just a few of the priorities outlined at initial workgroup meetings:

  • Support expanded access to comprehensive screening and services to include social, emotional, physical and cognitive assessment.
  • Increase access to high quality preschool opportunities for three and four-year-olds.
  • Provide policy, advocacy and awareness support for a statewide literacy initiative geared to improving third grade reading proficiency.
  • Facilitate policy and resource development for implementation of an overarching 0-8 system vision for the state.
  • Advance early childhood professional development.

To learn more about BUILD Arizona, download the BUILD Initiative Arizona State Profile.

You can also learn about Arizona’s involvement in an innovative new multi-state project that is being funded with an Enhanced Assessment Grant to support the development of a kindergarten to grade three, or K-3, formative assessment.

    BUILD Arizona Issue Briefs

    BUILD Arizona has published a series of issue briefs outlining four key areas of systems development:

    • Quality early learning
    • Early grade success
    • Professional development
    • Children’s health

    BUILD Arizona provides a neutral table to have discussions, identify priorities, and develop plans for early childhood policy development opportunities, service and resource alignment, and system innovation. These briefs provide an overview of the high-level thinking and planning by this coalition of children’s champions. They are women and men from all sectors, who are working together to  build a strong, sustainable system that supports the state’s youngest children for future success.

    Learn more about this work from the following briefs as well as the fact sheet, the Build Arizona Blueprint.

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